Saturday, May 7, 2011

Where will the Saint John Youth House be located?

          At this point nothing is set in stone as far as the location of the youth house. One possible site is St. James Broad St. in the South End of the city.  This church which was closed about 6 years ago could again be a centre of hope and healing for the community.  One of the advantages of using this location is that it is somewhat removed from more concentrated areas of the drug and sex trades in our city. Yet, it is close enough for clients to access programs and high schools.  It is also on a major bus route.   
                  The Youth House is more than just a shelter.  We hope it will be a community.  It will be a place where each person is valued and respected by those living/serving in the House.  We also hope to encourage a sense of value in the surrounding community.  We hope to work with the youth in being a beneficial presence in the South end, if this is the area selected for the youth house.  A big part of this selection will depend on the support of the wider community. 

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