Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Saint John Youth House

In the past 15 months my role in the Archdeaconry has developed from that of discerning a direction for our shared ministry to that of actualizing a shared ministry.   After 8 months of walking, talking and praying we were given a vision for ministry.  That vision is to address youth homelessness in Saint John, NB.  There are around 200 homeless people between the ages of 16 and 24 in our city.  These youth are living in unsafe environments with their families of origin, are couch surfing with friends, are living on the street or with predators (Drug dealers and/or pimps).  Our task, as we see it, is to partner with existing agencies that address youth homelessness.  In particular we hope to provide emergency housing for youth and thus strengthen the programs already in place through agencies like The John Howard Society, The Resource Centre for Youth, and One Change.  Together we believe we can provide a continuum of care that will make a difference for youth.  By providing a stable and safe environment alongside case management and educational programs we believe our Church can greatly improve the lives of many young people.  Breaking cycles of poverty and abuse today will create stronger communities tomorrow.
          Please be praying for us as we establish a board dedicated to the construction of the Youth House, and a board to direct the running of the Youth House.

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